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  • Technology is it a good teacher or a bad master

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  • aloui oussema

    juin 21, 2020 à 4:25

    The impact of technology has become mowadays a serious phenomen that is in dinable,however tech is a double adged arm .in the first hand,technology take a very big place on our life thanks to here advantages. first of all now life is more easier than before ,however by the help of technlogy we are now able to creat,research,work more faster then the past. add to that humans can do dangerous job without any risks and from a long disantce thank to robots that was a result of using tech in the good hand .we are also able to learn,communicate with other people and changes in culture ,play and enjoy somtimes where and when ever we want without any limites.nerver the less technology had also a part of drawbacks however paracticing tech is a very expensive way to live evry month u pay a lot of money to be able to use it furtheremore abusing technology in the wrong hand can damage evry thing and disruct evry invention so its make life returne to the start of the story and we all know that no one can live such a life without technology.
    so to sum up its rghit that technology is created to make life more easier but it can be a seroius probleme that affect a person’s life so we can say that it’s a man responsibility to create a balance between what we realy needs and what technology has achived .man can in fact use technology to the good side or to the dark side,it all depend on his wheel.

  • aloui oussema

    juin 21, 2020 à 4:26

    about the title i miss the ‘?’ in the last

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